What is VoIP?

VoIP allows both voice and data communications to be run over a single network, which can significantly reduce infrastructure costs. As the requirements of Telecom are changing, the use of the old standard copper POTS lines (Plain Old Telephone Service) will be obsolete in the nearing future. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) will allow your business to make and receive telephone calls using your high speed internet connection. Your clients will not be able to differentiate the type of line being used. VoIP allows for number portability. Number portability is a service that allows a subscriber to select a new telephone carrier without requiring a new number to be issued.

What benefits will VoIP add to my business?

VoIP offers the additional benefits of instant scalability and flexibility. VoIP allows the end user to add, remove or change a line with ease with use of SIP trunks.

VoIP offers many features, including but not limited to the following:
• Caller ID with Name
• Call Waiting
• Call Transfer
• Enhanced Call Forwarding
• 3-Way Calling
• Call Hunt

Is it difficult to make the transition to VoIP?

Deploying a VoIP compatible business telephone system in a small or medium business environment not only replaces the existing, outdated phone system, but will also add more prestige, quality and fluidity within the organization. Some additional equipment may be required in order to receive VoIP services. Our Business Telephone products facilitate VoIP services at your business.

Will my business be able to grow once I start using SIP Trunks?

As a business VoIP Consultant dedicated to the small business market, we understand that you face cost pressures, resource challenges and tight deadlines on a daily basis. Our goal is to remove those challenges that are connected to any of your communication needs. As you grow, our phone services, call center solutions and PBX systems scale to support your business. And, we go a long way to help you cut costs too. Our services have no capital expenses and minimal operational costs. Once you have a VoIP communication plan in place, you gain the peace of mind about your business and can confidently serve your customers with Amazing Service.